Shueisha X Altplus mobile game SIN-EN RESIST opens pre-registration

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Coming mobile otome battle RPG SIN-EN RESIST (シンエンレジスト) is now available for pre-registration.


Set for release in 2018, SIN-EN RESIST is made by Weekly Shonen Jump publisher Shueisha and THE iDOLM@STER SideM developer Altplus. Mangaka Yoshiki Naruse, who is now serialising Rapaz Theme Park on Ultra Jump, is responsible for the character design and the plot.

The characters are divided into seven groups: Ablaze, Barrage, Garland, Mercy, Nemesis, Xanadu, Zeruch. They are voiced by male artists well known to especially otome game players, such as Yuiichiro Umehara, Kotaro Nishiyama, Junichi Suwabe, Yuma Uchida.


In a wasteland, there are some guys wielding their weapons.
Bleeding, heart breaking, friends dying.
In order to survive, they must start a rebellion.
The guys, and you too, are up against an oppressed world.



10,000: Orb x20 + Autograph board lucky draw
20,000: Orb x20 + “Barrage” members’ rampage form reveal
30,000: Orb x30 + Terikosu Food 50 x3
40,000: Orb x20 + “Garland” member’s rampage form reveal
50,000: Orb x20 + “Mercy” members’ rampage form reveal + Autograph board lucky draw
70,000: Orb x20 + “Nemesis” members’ rampage form reveal
77,777: Orb x20 + Terikosu Food 50 x3 + “Xanadu” member’s rampage form reveal
100,000: Orb x50 + “Zeruch” members’ rampage form reveal + Autograph board lucky draw

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