Koei Tecmo Announces Musou Orochi 3 Release Date

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Today (11th June), Koei Tecmo announced the release date for the previously announced Warriors Orochi 4! Additionally, the company has also revealed pre-order bonuses alongside a brand new character, Zeus in the game’s first PV!

Warriors Orochi is Koei Tecmo’s Beat ’em Up series which combines Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors together in an alternative world. The series introduces mythical characters and original characters. In Warriors Orochi 4, the Greek god Zeus will be introduced as a new playable character.

Pre-Purchase Bonuses

Pre-order Digital Edition – Pegasus Mount

Digital Deluxe Edition

Warriors Orochi 4 will be released on PS4 and Nintendo Switch on 27th September, followed by a PC via Steam release on 16th October.

First Warriors Orochi 4 PV

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