[Qoo News] Mobile ARPG Underground Symphony is ready for download


Rekoo Japan’s mobile RPG Underground Symphony (アンダーグラウンドシンフォニー) is now available for download.


Players take the role of a mercenary in Re:order – a governmental organization – and his job is to get rid of terrorist group Greed. Despite being an action and scavenging-oriented game on just mobile devices, online battles are surprisingly massive, allowing matches as large as 40 vs 40.

Underground Symphony

Underground Symphony

The three main characters are portrayed by Makoto Furukawa, Saori Onishi, and Kenjiro Tsunda.

Underground Symphony

Pre-registraition reached about 30,000 registrees upon launch. Players will receive up to 1,800 diamonds and other presents.


Pre-registeration exclusive: S-rank Alice
5,000: Medicine x10 + Diamond x300
10,000: Exp Potion x10 + Diamond x600
30,000: Gear x1,000 + Diamond x900
50,000: A-rank Ipetam x1
70,000: Diamond x2,800
100,000: Diamond x600

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