Dragalia Lost Story, Combat, and Game System Revealed

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Nintendo has released a new Dragalia Lost Direct today (30th August), going through the upcoming game’s story, combat system, and game system.

Dragalia Lost

Dragalia Lost is an ARPG where players can control their party with simple swipe and tap controls. As players explore the world of Dragalia Lost, they will encounter different monsters and companions.

The game features over 70 unique characters which can be summoned alongside all sorts of different weapons, Wyrmprints (stat boost talismans), and Dragons which you can bond with your party members!

Dragalia Lost will support multiplayer. Players will be able to join forces with other players for every quest in the game. Multiplayer events are also planned for the game!

Nintendo Direct (EN)

Nintendo Direct (JP)


About the Game

Dragalia Lost is a mobile fantasy action RPG created by Nintendo and Cygames as a joint project. The game is set in the country of Alberia, the royal family enter into contracts with dragons and acquire the power to transform into dragons. One day, the holy piece that protects the kingdom is found to be weak and fragile. The seventh prince of Alberia sets out to look for a contract dragon, in hopes to gain the power to save his people.

The game is due out 27th September for iOS/Android.

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