[Qoo News] D3 Publisher Announces Onechanbara Origin at Tokyo Game Show 2018


On 20th September, D3 Publisher announced a new title for the Onechanbara series at their booth at Tokyo Game Show 2018 (TGS2018).



Onechanbara Origin will include remastered versions of the fist two games (Onechanbara 1 &2). The new game will also feature new character designs for Aya and her sister Saki designed by Ktasumi Enami. During the Special Stage announcement, character designs for both Aya and Saki was revealed, alongside their in-game 3D models. Although no gameplay was revealed for the game, a couple of screenshots were revealed during the announcement, featuring new flowery gardens and a nostalgic hospital scene in reference to the the older titles of the series.



Onechanbara Origin is set for 2019.

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