[Qoo News] Omega Labyrinth Life Dungeon and Campus Gameplay at Toyko Game Show 2018


Shortly after announcing Omega Labyrinth Life, D3 Publisher held a Special Stage for for the new game at Tokyo Game Show, revealing more on the game’s system as well as showing gameplay demonstrations.


Omega Labyrinth Life is a new title for the Omega Labyrinth series. The game will keep many key features from previous titles, from the rogue-like dungeon gameplay and the Omega powers to the provocative Bust Appraisal system.


Omega Labyrinth’s gameplay is separated into two main sections. Dungeon Mode features the iconic rogue-like RPG gameplay used in previous titles of the series. Previous key features like the Omega power will still be available in Omega Labyrinth Life. New features will also be added to the iconic system, including being able to find bras and panties in dungeons.


The other part of the gameplay is the Campus Mode. This mode sees players taking care of not only the garden of the Bellefleurs Girls’ Academy, but also the girls themselves. Previous “Sexy Time” gameplay will be available in this mode, most notably the one where players massage the girls.






Dungeon Mode Gameplay Demonstration

Campus Mode Gameplay

About the Game

In the upcoming game, players will play primarily as Hinata Akatsuki, the first transfer student of the prestigious Bellefleurs Girls’ Academy. Despite looking forward to her new life at the academy, soon after her transfer, the flowers in the prideful garden of Bellefleurs Girls’ Academy which is said to bloom for eternity, all withered. To revive the once great garden, Hinata and others take on the challenge to brave the holy cave.