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After a series of maintenances, it seems Hunter x Hunter Greed Adventure is finally ready to be played! As always, here’s a quick guide for re-rolling and how to bind your account once you have the characters you’re happy with.

Greed Adventure reroll

Re-Roll Marathon

Due to the long maintenance period, all characters are guaranteed three S rank Skill cards. For the Starter gacha, which is limited to one 10x summon, players will also receive  a character. After that, pull 10x summons in the launch gacha in hopes of getting the characters and cards recommended below.

Recommended Characters

■ Chains of Revenge Kurapika 【復讐の鎖使い】クラピカ

Chains of Revenge Kurapika offers massive AoE damage which makes clearing early stages exceptionally fast and easy. His skill also applies a 30% speed decrease debuff on affected enemies, widening the safety margin of your team.

■ Godspeed Killua 【神速】キルア

Killua is a great starting character because he has an AoE stun. After the stun, he also gets a 30-second normal attack up and speed buff, making it great for clearing early game and mid-game content. Killua is also a Pick-Up character, so your chances of limit breaking him are higher.

■ Indomitable Will Gon

Pick-Up character. A typical DPS character. His special deals a crazy amount of damage to enemies in front of him and knocks them down for 1.5 seconds.

■ Hisoka 【匿名希望の手品師◆】ヒソカ

Has an AoE that deals decent damage. 15-second crit up buff.

Skill Cards

For skill cards, you basically want the 5★ Skill card of the character you obtained to unlock their special skills. Another reason why Kurapika, Killua, and Gon ranks high on the starter character list is that their skill cards are on Pick Up.

The Arbiter Little Finger Chain – 律する小指の鎖

AoE damage in a straight line, additional speed debuff on enemies.

Jankengu – ジャン拳グー・渾身

Another skill with massive damage and knockdown. Great for boss fights.

Narukami – 落雷・霹靂

Narukami gives Killua another AoE stun. The skill will hit enemies in front of Killua. Enemies hit will receive more damage for 15 seconds.

How to Bind Account

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