#Money Poll: FGO isn't as rich as THIS GAME?!

Mr. Qoo

Hello Master! This is Elly again.

Last week in our weekly hashtag #Money, we asked you guys which game made the most💰in Japan. Unfortunately, only 7% of you got the answer right…

Before announcing the result, let’s see what you guys answered!

Among the 942 participants who voted, 60% voted for FGO. I totally understand – given that FGO is so phenomenal that it could feed the entire TYPE-MOON without them releasing any new game, there is a million reasons to think of it as the top grossing game in Japan.

Source: @u_n_diavolo_ 

But NO, you guys got it wrong.

15% of you chose Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle – understandable. 13% chose others – some of them said Love Live!, Azur Lane, DanMachi. 7% chose Monster Strike. 4.5% chose My Hero Academia Smash Rising, but I expected more. Lastly, only 0.6% voted for Puzzle & Dragon…

I mentioned earlier that only 7% of you got the answer right…so yeah…the top grossing game in Japan this year is in fact MONSTER STRIKE!

According to the report by market research company Mobile Index, Monster Strike wins over FGO with just 1.6 billion yen.

1. Monster Strike: 107.6 billion yen
2. FGO: 105 billion yen
3. P&D: 59.4 billion yen
4. DBZ Dokkan Battle: 56.1 billion yen
5. Knives Out: 44.8 billion yen

6. Line Disney Tsumtsum: 40.6 billion yen
7. Granblue Fantasy: 36.6 billion yen
8. Pokemon Go: 31.2 billion yen
9. Jikkyou Pawafuru Puroyakyu: 28 billion yen
10. Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage: 26.6 billion yen

In fact, Monster Strike also tops FGO with respect to daily active users. In 2018, Monster Strike had the most daily active users (1.91 million) in Japan, while FGO is ranked fifth (0.45 million).

Now, we have another guessing game going on in #Manga2018. Go guess which manga made the most money in 2018, and we will announce the answer later!


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