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In celebration of the game’s second anniversary, Onmyoji, NetEase’s mobile game that swept the world by storm with its Japanese yokai setting, anime character designs, and gameplay has collaborated with Spark Restaurant and Bar in Hong Kong to create an Onmyoji-themed dining experience for Onmyoji fans of Hong Kong. The collaboration decorated the restaurant’s balcony area with onmyoji-themed displays, from the iconic lanterns from the game to cutout displays of the four main onmyoji of the game.


The Experience

Stepping out from the lift, visitors are greeted with massive onmyoji illustrations welcoming them to the collaboration space. Upon entering the main collaboration space, visitors will be transported to a cozy dining area decorated with onmyoji lanterns overlooking Wyndham Street.

Fans of the game will quickly find multiple acrylic stands of some of the more iconic characters including Inugami, Enma, Aoandon, and of course, everyone’s favorite rabbit, Yamausagi. The main display area shows off the four main characters of the game, Seimei, Kagura, Hiromasa, and Yao Bikuni in their elegant Lunar New Year Skins!

Visual Tour

Food & Drinks

The collaboration with Spark Restaurant and Bar brought more than just displays. Onmyoji fans could also order from the Special Onmoyji Menu. Unfortunately, there were little to no relations between the actual characters and the cuisines. The only thing that remotely makes sense is the White Russian cocktail and Black Russian cocktail named after Shiro and Kuro Mujo… With that being said, as expected from a distinguished restaurant, the food was absolutely tantalizing! The

During the collaboration period, on Saturdays, players could also come together and join in special events that would take place at the restaurant. Unfortunately, I play the Global version… so none of that for me… but there’s still more to do at the venue! The venue has especially created a special “Wishing Wall” where fans could write out their greatest wishes on talismans and show to the world.

In addition to food, drinks, and Onmyoji displays, every Saturday until the collaboration period ends, players will be able to join in on the offline event at Spark! Participating in this event will reward players with exclusive collaboration goodies! Unfortunately, the in-game rewards are only applicable to the Traditional Chinese (HK/TW) version of the game.

If you happen to be in Hong kong, be sure to check out the collaboration at Spark Bar & Restaurant!

Collaboration Details

Sparks Bar & Restaurant
4/F, LKF 29,
29 Wyndham Street, Lan Kwai Fong,

Now ~ 2nd February 2019

Official Site

Sparks Bar & Restaurant

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