Hunter x Hunter Greed Adventure Maintenance Ends 17/01

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Bandai Namco has spoken! Today (16th January), the official Twitter account for Hunter x Hunter Greed Adventure has announced that the game will end it’s almost one-month long maintenance period tomorrow (17th January).

greed adventure

The game was first released on 5th December, but due to server issues, the game was under maintenance. Bandai Namco briefly took the game out of maintenance on 12th and 13th December temporarily allowing players who have been waiting since day one to get past the now infamous “Black Screen” and “Main Title Screen”.

About the Game

Greed Adventure features its own original story set after the original Greed Island arc. After Gon cleared the game, under the influence of the Hunter Association, Greed Island evolved, becoming Greed Island 2 (G.I.2). Players will be able to explore a brand new Greed Island with occasional flashbacks to scenes from the series.

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