Release The Spyce Secret Fragrance Servers Up!

Mr. Qoo

Today (12th February), the servers for the mobile game adaptation of Release The Spyce, Release The Spyce secret fragrance (Release The Spyce sf) is finally open!

release the sypce sf

The mobile game is based on Takahiro’s Release The Spyce series and is set after the events of the TV anime series. Asides from the organizations that appear in the series, the game will also introduce a new organization “凪の部隊” led by Hisui Munechika (宗近 飛粋).

■ 凪の部隊 Members

The game is a turn-based collectible RPG where players will be able to experience a new story following the events of the TV anime series as well as collect their favorite characters from the series and create their own teams of characters.

The previous pre-registration milestones have all been met, players will receive up to 2,500 Spyces (premium currency) as well as SR Character Momo Minamoto!


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