Warship Girls Reveals Valentine's Day Event Details

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<Official Press Release>

Warship Girls

Dear Admirals:

We are scheduled to perform a 2 hour server maintenance starting from 2019/2/13 11:00:00 (UTC+9). With the coming of the Valentine’s Day, we have prepared an event for you, check below for detail!

Event Period

2/14 00:00:00 ~ 2/16 24:00:00 (UTC+9) or
2/13 10:00:00 ~ 2/16 10:00:00 (UTC-5)

Timed Quest

1) Valentine’s Date
Achieve 10 victories during sortie.
Reward: All resource*500, Attacker Firebrand

2) Midnight’s Snack
Cook 3 meals.
Reward: Costume Sweet Girlfriend (Emden)

3) Just another day at work
Perform 10 expeditions.
Reward: All resource*500, Motobomba FFF

Timed Bundle

1) Valentine’s Bundle (Resource)
Bundle include: All resource*2000
Limited Once Per day

2) Valentine’s Bundle (Oath)
Bundle include: Ring of Oath*2, Elite Damage Control Team*1
Limited Once

3) Warm Winter Bundle
Bundle include: Warm Winter (Tashkent), Ring of Oath*1
Limited Once

4) A Present for the Hero Bundle
Bundle include: A Present for the Hero (Sullivans), Ring of Oath*1
Limited Once

5) Blue Valentine Bundle
Bundle include: Blue Valentine (Sigsbee), Ring of Oath*1
Limited Once

New Costume

Love Chief (Albacore)
The Singer Extolling Love (Göta Lejon)
Heart-shaped Chocolate (Houston)
Brilliant Star (Andrea Doria)
Gift from Little Love God (Hood)
Heart Catch Rabbit (Ranger)
Unordinary Gift (Köln)

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