Koya no Kotobuki Hikotai: Ozora no Takeoff Girl Now Available for Download

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Bandai Namco has launched the mobile game adaptation of Koya no Kotobuki Hikotai today (13th February).

Koya no Kotobuki Hikoutai

The new game, Koya no Kotobuki Hikotai: Ozora no Takeoff Girls! (荒野のコトブキ飛行隊 大空のテイクオフガールズ!), boasts incredible 3D models of each character from the series, as well as detailed models of the aircraft.

Kouya no Kotobuki Hikoutai

The game features an auto-combat system where units will automatically engage in combat. Players will be able to strategically use the unit’s special abilities to lead them to victory. Through clearing missions and collecting materials, players will be able to enhance their units and customize their aircraft.


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