Bandai Releases New Craft x Card Game "Dot Heroes"

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Today (1st March), Bandai released their latest mobile game Dot Heroes (ドットヒーローズ)!

Dot Heroes is a craft x card mobile game where players can create their own unique characters. Through using special cards in the game, players will be able to transform their heroes into 3D models and watch them defend against all sorts of monsters to save the world.


Players will be able to create unique heroes on special cards with a 19×19 grid. The colors players use to create their characters will determine the element their hero will be. Similar to most mobile games, these elements will have a rock-paper-scissors, meaning players will have to carefully craft their teams to avoid falling into elemental disadvantages.

During combat, players will be able to activate different battles gears that they have equipped on their heroes. These act as skills, unleashing devastating damage to their opponents.


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