Trinity Seven Mobile Spin-Off Game Core System Revealed

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Silicon Studio has revealed the core gameplay of the Trinity Seven mobile spin-off game, Trinity Seven – Phantasm Library & Seventh Sol announced earlier this year in January.

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The game will feature an auto-battle system which uses “magic bullets” (魔彈) to deal damage to enemies. Players will be able to create their own team of their favorite mages who will have different skills.

As players defeat enemies, they will be able to progress in the game’s main storyline. The storyline will see different Trinity Seven characters interacting in ways that fans won’t see in the series.

Pre-registration Campaign

To tie into the theme of seven, the game’s pre-registration milestones will deliberately focus on milestones with the digit “7”.

777 pre-registered: 77 Crystals (approx. 1.5x Gacha Summons)
7,000 pre-registered: Stregnthening Item Set
17,000 pre-registered: Crystals 100 (2x Gacha Summons)
27,000 pre-registered: Strengthening Item Set (Enhanced)
37,000 pre-registered: Crystals 100 (2x Gacha Summons)
57,000 pre-registered: 3★ Masge Item
77,777 pre-registered: 3★ Lilith (Launch Edition)

▲ 3★ Lilith (Launch Edition)

About the Series

Trinity Seven is originally a Monthly Dragon Age’s manga written by Kenji Saitou (齊藤健二) and illustrated by Akinari Nao. First published in January 2011, it is still ongoing. The story follows Arata Kasuga, a 17-year-old young man living with his cousin Hijiri Kasuga. A sudden disaster causes Hijiri to disappear. As Arata searches for her, he finds the Trinity Seven – seven female mages who eventually become his harem heaven.

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