[Qoo News] Magical Index Mobile Game Pre-Registration Begins


Today (15th March), Square Enix launched the pre-registration for their upcoming mobile Magical Index mobile game, A Certain Magical Index Imaginary Fest (とある魔術の禁書目録 幻想収束(イマジナリーフェスト)).


During the special live-stream broadcasted today, gameplay footage for the game was revealed. The game appears to be a TCG game which features 3D models during combat sequences. Each character will have different attack directions, players will be able to move them around in the field to avoid their opponent’s counter-attack when attacking them.



Players will also have their own unique skills. Additionally, certain characters will be able to pair up with other characters and unleash devastating attacks.



Pre-Registration Rewards


30,000: Gekota Stone x900 (Gacha x3)
50,000: Gekota Stone 1,200 (Gacha x4)
100,000:Gekota Stone 15,000 (gacha x5)
150,000: Gekota Stone 2,100 (Gacha x7)
200,000: Gekota Stone x3,000 (gacha x10)

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