[Qoo News] Capcom Reveals New “CAPCOM Home Arcade” Console


On 16th April, Capcom announced the CAPCOM Home Arcade, a new “Plug & Play” console featuring 16 of the company’s most iconic arcade titles.

capcom home arcade

The new console features a pair of built-in classic arcade joystick controllers that allow players to play together with friends with just one console. The Home Arcade can also connect to the internet via WiFi, players will be able to upload their high scores and compete against other players across the world.


To set up the console, all players need to do is connect a monitor to the console via HDMI cable and connect a power source with a Micro USB cable.

The console will come with 16 titles shown below pre-installed.


The CAPCOM Home Arcade is set to launch later this year on 25th October, but pre-orders can be made on the official Capcom store.


Official Site

Store Page