Adventure RPG Akatsuki Land Confirmes Release Date

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Game studio NetEase, today (23rd April), confirms the release date of adventure RPG Akatsuki Land (アカツキランド) at 30th May, together with the launch of a pre-registration campaign.


Akatsuki Land sets in a world where islands with different features are found. Residents are called the People of the Sea and they enjoy the free-spirited life on the islands. The main character lives peacefully with his younger sister Dariya (ダリヤ) in one of the islands, but one day an intruder, a lizard man, abducts Dariya. The adventure of the protagonist thus begins as he travels to different islands to save his sister.

Player can choose from four careers, including fighter, ranger, dancer and spell-blader. Each has its advantages on attack and defence. Also, collecting the accessories of the four elements: water, fire, earth and air can largely affect the battle. Players can enjoy the combination of different elements, which create news skills and battling effects.

Apart from the grand battle, players can plant food and catch fish to obtain different materials, which can be used to make accessories and other necessities of life in the quarry and prop house. You can also catch rare creatures, which will walk with you in the adventure.

Pre-registration Rewards

50,000: Stone coinsx50,000, Axe LV.2x1, People of the sea meatx3
100,000: Stone coinsx60,000, Pickaxe LV.2x1, People of the sea meatx3, Small thigh meatx1
150,000: Stone coinsx80,000, sickle LV.2x1, People of the sea pet foodx3, pet flowerx2
200,000: Stone coinsx100,000, Skin-peeling knife LV.2x1, People of the sea boiled meatx6、pet raising stonex2
250,000: Stone coinsx150,000, reviving stonex1, standard treasure map fragmentsx6, armed creature riding pass (7 days)x1


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