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The mobile game of Chise Ogawa’s (緒川千世) Boy Love manga Caste Heaven (カーストヘヴン) officially launches on Ameba game platform.


The game’s story revolves around a “Caste Game”, in which poker cards determines every student’s ranking in the class. Ruled by the cruel ranking system, the school is a swirl pool of jealousy, envy and lust.


Six main characters of the manga will be reappeared in the game. Voice casts from drama CD is also invited to provide voice-over for the game.


The game has three route, including “Kōhei × Yūya,” “Natsuki × Atsumu,” and “Yōichirō × Kamo,” and each have Normal End, Happy End and Bad End. The manga’s original creator Ogawa is supervising the scenarios and is also writing an original scenario.

Game exclusive visuals can also be obtained as the story goes.

Player can change different customs for the six characters.

Game Original Scenario

Written by Ogawa, the game original scenario of “Kōhei × Yūya” can be obtained by Secret Story Gacha.


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