After a Rocky Start, Dragon & Colonies Pre-Registration Begins!

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First announced in June 2017 and set for release in 2018, LEVEL5 comcept, the game development studio formerly known as comcept Inc. founded by Keiji Inafune, officially launched its pre-registration campaign yesterday (20th May) for Dragon & Colonies after a series of unfortunate delays!


About the Game

The game is set in a cubic world. Players can build their own cubic kingdoms to battle against other players’ kingdoms.

The system is creative in the way how a battlefield is set up. In a battle, cubes from both sides collide and form a unique map. Players can equip four surfaces with fighting units and weapons, and switch from one surface to another during the fight.

Three classes including Human, Cannon, Monster are featured in the game. Human is vulnerable to Monster, while Monster is vulnerable to Cannon and Cannon is vulnerable to Human.

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