Detective X Puzzle Solving Game COLOR PIECEOUT Now Available for Download

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Detective adventure mobile game COLOR PIECEOUT (カラーピーソウト) is now available for Android’s player to download. The iOS version will be released soon.


The story follows a young country girl Lily, who arrives in New York alone to search for her lost father. She coincidentally meets Carlos, a detective flying to the city after receiving the mysterious letter foreseeing the reappearance of Phantom Thief X. Two totally different people encounter, but none of them knows that their fate has twined together.


The game consists of a mixture of puzzle solving and detective adventure. Players follow the adventure of Lily as she involves in different mysterious and incidents.

In order the find evidence and talk to the witnesses, players have to solve the puzzle challenge and obtain lightbulb, which can be used to proceed the story.

Your conversation with witnesses will be stored in the file. When you collect all the information in the file, you will unveil the truth of the case.

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