[Qoo News] QooApp Coming to Houston Texas for Anime Matsuri~


Houston, we have a problem. We can’t wait till Anime Matsuri starts! This year, from 13th June until 16th June, QooApp will set up camp at Anime Matsuri with gifts featuring some of your favorite anime series as well as some of the latest mobile games for you to try!


What to Expect

During the convention, visitors will be able to try out different anime games from popular series as well as explore different anime-styled games such as ELChronicle, a mobile RPG with stunning 3D graphics and beautiful 2D character illustrations. Players will be able to experience exciting real-time raid boss fights with friends using intuitive MOBA-styled controls.




We are also proud to announce that at the QooApp booth we will be highlighting an upcoming game called Shining Beyond, one of the latest projects from XII Braves, the creators of the highly popular mobile SRPG, Valiant Force! In the new game, players will be able to explore an alternative story set alongside the events of Valiant Force. Shining Beyond will combine the wonderful character designs the studio is known for with fast-paced ARPG-styled gameplay! Shining Beyond is currently available for pre-registration.




QooApp Gacha!

Alongside a diverse selection of games to play, visitors can also clear our special tasks to earn a chance at our QooApp Gacha event. The QooApp Gacha will feature a wonderful collection of different merch from iconic games and anime series that you can bring home, from small merch including keyrings, acrylic stands, folders, and T-shirts to mugs and epic figures of characters from Fate, My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball, One Punch Man, and more! Every roll in our gacha event guarantees at least one small prize, so if you are going to be attending Anime Matsuri, be sure to come over and try your luck~

Prize Sneak Peak:



Shining Beyond Preview

About Anime Matsuri


Anime Matsuri is an annual  Japanese culture convention based in Houston, Texas. During the convention, visitors will be able to experience an authentic cultural exchange featuring different facets of Japanese culture from anime and cosplay to music, fashion, and art! Since the convention’s inaugural event in 2007, Anime Matsuri has grown to have over 36,000 unique attendees and is one of the largest anime conventions in North America.

Anime Matsuri 2019
Date: 13th – 16th June
Venue: George R. Brown Convention Center
QooApp Booth: #1001

Official Site

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