Fantasy JRPG Astral Chronicles Pre-Registration Starts!

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<<Official Astral Chronicles Press Release>>

The fantasy JRPG Astral Chronicles, the highly anticipated sequel to Law of Creation, officially starts pre-registration today. With the game is set for release on 22nd July 2019, are you ready to start your adventure in the Astral Realm?


Challenge Fate in The Astral Realm

A mystic call from Astral Realm brings you into a world where people believe in the supremacy of magic and truth. This leads you on an unforgettable journey to challenge fate itself as you come face-to-face with dreadful Dragons, elegant Elves, covetous Orcs, diligent Dwarves, as well as the endearing Gutes.

Side-scrolling Open World

Explore a vast open world as you seamlessly transition from one environment to another, unraveling plots of intrigue in this side-scrolling adventure!

Over 50 Powerful Heroes

More than 50 unique heroes await your call. Carve your own meta by creating the most powerful combination of heroes!

Rich Soundtrack by Noriyuki Iwadare

An all-star cast of Japanese Voiceovers join Noriyuki Iwadare, the composer of renowned games such as Langrisser and Grandia, to bring an awesome OST into the JRPG adventure of a lifetime!

Luxury Pre-registration Gift

The pre-registration event has started! Claim QooApp exclusive pre-registration gifts now and join the official pre-registration event to win even more generous rewards!

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