Astral Chronicles Pre-Registration Reaches 50,000! New Rewards Revealed

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Due to massive anticipation, Astral Chronicle’s pre-registration campaign has reached over 50,000 pre-registered players! In celebration of this milestone, new pre-registration rewards have been revealed. Find out more in the official press release below.

<<Official Astral Chronicles Press Release>>

Astral Chronicles pre-registrations are now over 50,000! Extra Bonus Unlocked!

The fantasy JRPG Astral Chronicles officially starts pre-registration on July 1st. The pre-registrations are now over 65,000! To show our gratitude, we decide to send out extra gifts for players. When pre-registrations reach 80k, 6 Travelers will be randomly chosen to receive 60,000 Gems; when pre-registrations reach 100k, 15 Travelers will be randomly chosen to receive 60,000 Gems! Pre-register now to win generous rewards~

Astral Chronicles, the highly anticipated sequel to Law of Creation, combines rich fantasy elements including Atlantis Legends and Cthulhu Mythos in the intertwining storyline of hundreds of thousand words. The riveting plot twists, mysterious and rewarding quests and fantasy setting will provide players with mind-blowing JRPG experience.

This game provides more than 50 highly customizable characters with unique stories and hundreds of different equipment, each with their own unique attributes. Embark on the adventurous journey, come face-to-face with creatures of 6 different races, battle with monsters from the abyss and write a legend of your own!

More pre-registration giftpacks exclusive for QooApp users have been added! Don’t miss out this rare opportunity to win a leading edge~

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