Taito Brings Back Rakugaki Kingdom for Mobile!

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Today (11th July), following their previous countdown teaser site, Taito announced that they will be bringing their popular PS2 game, Rakugaki Kingdom (ラクガキキングダム) to mobile! The game is set for Winter 2019.

In Rakugaki Kingdom, players will be able to draw their own Rakugaki Characters which will be made into 3D models. Using their created Rakugaji Characters, players will be able to fight battles and raise the levels of their own creations.

According to the official website, Players will not only be able to draw their own characters but also upload their creations online to the “Rakugaki Garage” (ラクガキガレージ), a place where players can find characters created by other players and download them for their own use.

Depending on the choices players make in the game, their Rakugaki Characters will grow in different ways. The official website boasts that players will be able to create up to 100 different characters!


Canvas (キャンバス), a world separated from reality and depicted by drawings.

Clockers (クロッカー), individuals with the power of human imagination and the power to create artistic value are chosen from the regular world and invited to this separate world. Through the imagination they possess, they can create and control Rakugai, a mysterious life-form born from imagination and artistic value.

“Be victorious in the tournament and your wish shall be granted”

At the base of the Palette Tree, a large seven-colored tree, a guide named Easel welcomes Clockers.

However, Easel has a grave secret she cannot share…


■ Easel

■ Sepia & Bibit

■ Hiroto Akatsuki

■ Mizuchi Shindo

■ Yuno Momose

■ Shion Asuma

■ Tsukasa Shiromae

■ Rei Yuki

■ Kanade Yukihira

■ Nagi Nanami

■ Ryo Shijima

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