[Qoo News] New Mobile Megaman X Game Revealed by Capcom


Today (23rd July), Capcom Taiwan revealed a new mobile project titled Rockman x DiVE. An official website has been launched for the game featuring a short PV for the game.

rockman x dive

According to the game description on the official website, the new game will inherit the legacy of the Rockman X series. Players will be able to re-immerse themselves into iconic adrenaline-inducing action gameplay and take on familiar enemies from their childhood.




“Deep Log” The digital world where “Mega Man X Series Game” was stored. Also the memory of “You” as a player…

“Deep Log” appears abnormal for unknown reasons All stages, Mavericks, all the characters from “Mega Man X Series” are all mixed up because of game errors.

Come! Players Get into the Deep Log Beat the Mavericks and get the game data repaired.

Rockman X DiVE is scheduled to launch within the year and will be free to play for both iOS and Android. The official website features an English version of the story, but there is currently no confirmation on whether or not the game will support English at launch.


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