[Qoo News] Rhythm Action Game Sonic Beat feat. Crash Fever Available Now with Special Sale


New rhythm action game Sonic Beat feat. Crash Fever, featuring the music of the puzzle solving game, is available now in over 154 markets worldwide (excluding China) for iOS and Android devices.

Sonic Beat feat. Crash Fever

Developed by WonderPlanet, the game supports three languages including Japanese, English and Chinese. A special limited sale (in-app purchase for US$3.99) will be held from 23rd-29th July to commemorate the title’s release. The original price of the game is US$5.99.

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There are currently ten songs in the game and players can select among three difficulties for each song.

Songs include: Follow the White Rabbit, Revelation, Halcyon, Kingdom, I will never let you go, Airflow, Pulsar, Peacock, Fairy Tale and Downfall. Sound producer Hiroyoshi Kato (加藤 浩義), who created the original tunes for Crush Fever, is also responsible the song arrangements in Sonic Beat feat. Crash Fever .

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Players can enter Fever Mode and unleash the excitement during the game. Follow the beats, chain timely combos and start in Fever Mode to reach the highest score! Eight signature characters from Crush Fever will also appear in the game and players can unlock their dialogue.

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