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During the 2019 Comic Exhibition, in Taipei, ICHIBAN JAPAN held a special stage event featuring The iDOLM@STER Million Live Theatre Days (Theatre Days) on 4th August. The stage event invited the series’ producer Youzou Sakagami (坂上陽三), Million Live Theatre Days’ producer Wakako Hazama (狭間和歌子), and Ogami Tamaki voice actress Eri Inagawa (稲川英里) to reveal a new MV from the game, Precious Grain.

偶像大師 百萬人演唱會! 劇場時光

Precious Grain MV

Stage Event

偶像大師 百萬人演唱會! 劇場時光

During the stage event, in addition to the new MV, the producers also announced that the Traditional Chinese version of the game has launched its pre-registration campaign and is set to launch for Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau. The release of the new Chinese version marks the first step of Theatre Days expanding overseas.

Inagawa also played the new Chinese version of the game live during the stage event and cleared the stage with a Full Combo, impressing both fans and producers.

偶像大師 百萬人演唱會! 劇場時光

偶像大師 百萬人演唱會! 劇場時光

Backstage Interview

After the event concluded, Sakagami, Hazama, and Inagawa retreated backstage where they answered questions from QooApp and other media.

偶像大師 百萬人演唱會! 劇場時光

Q: The iDOLM@STER has been very popular amongst mobile players, what do you think is the core of creating a popular mobile game?

Sakagami: The main reason the game is so popular is that interaction between players and the idols. In the game through all sorts of interactions, players can really feel a connection between themselves and the idols.

Q: The Chinese version of Theatre Live will be released soon, will there be any special scenarios and events for Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau players?

Hazama: Asides from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau, the game will also be released in Korea. We have specially made a new outfit for the Chinese version of the game. The color schemes will be different from Shiny Trinity from the Japanese version. We hope players look forward to it!

Q: As the voice of one of the main characters of the game, do you play the game? Asides from Ogami, who you voice, which other characters do you like?

Inagawa: Although I voice one of the key characters, I don’t think categorized as such in the game, all the characters are popular. Personally, my favorite character is Megumi Tokoro because of her outgoing personality and how she is such an energetic character.

Q: You have voiced Ogami for over seven years, can you share with us some of your thoughts and feelings on the character?

Inagawa: Ogami has a positive attitude and is very energetic, she is a character who is filled with positivity. After voicing the character for so many years, my own attitude has been affected by her. Whether it is for work or handling other matters, I am very motivated. I really enjoy the joy that voicing Ogami has given me.

Q: Next year marks the 15th Anniversary of the series as well as the year of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, will there be any special collaboration events?

Sakagami: Of course, next year is not only a very important year for THE iDOLM@STER but also an important year for Japan. We definitely have a lot of special projects planned for players, but we can’t reveal anything right now. We hope you look forward to them!

Q: Finally, are there any words you wish to share to fans in Taiwan?

Inagawa: I’m really grateful for everyone who came to support iDOLM@STER despite the hot summer weather. It is a pleasure to be able to greet fans in Taiwan alongside the two producers. Please continue to support iDOLM@STER Million Live Theatre Days in the future!

Hazama: Thank you! Theatre Days isn’t just a Bandai Namco game, but a game that all you “producers” help create. The game has already been out for two years in Japan. this time, because of the launch of the Chinese version, we got to feel the love fans here have for iDOLM@STER and that makes me really happy. We will continue to improve the game for all the fans in the future, please continue to support Theatre Days!

Sakagami: iDOLM@STER has been around for 14 years, reaching 15, I’m very grateful for all the support that our fans have given us over the years! Theatre Live is finally coming to Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau officially with the Traditional Chinese version. In the future, we hope to continue growing, reach fans from overseas as well. Please continue to support us.

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