Farm-based Simulation Game Shepherd's Crossing Now Available on Your Phone!

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Success’ farm-based simulation PC game Shepherd’s Crossing/ Rakuen Seikatsu Hitsuji Mura (楽園生活 ひつじ村~大地の恵みと冒険の海~) is now available for download on iOS and Android devices.


Shepherd’s Crossing is originally a simulation game released on PS2 in 2003. Sequels are also released on PSP, NDS and PC. The game allows players to build your farm, plant crops, breed animals and even hunt treasure. Players can create their one-and-only farm by decorating it with different establishments and accessories.

Pre-registration Rewards

To celebrate the pre-registration reaches 15,000, the following rewards will be presented to all players:

■ 2,000: Coins X 3,000, Alchemy Medal X 200 medals
■ 5,000: AP Recovery Potion(Medium) X5, EP Recovery Potion(Medium)X5, BP Recovery Potion(Medium)X5
■ 10,000: Stone of SheepX10
■ 15,000: Alchemy ticket X20
■ Bonus Rewards: Mobile Adaptation Celebration Home Base


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楽園生活 ひつじ村 大地の恵みと冒険の海 Shepherd's Crossing 楽園生活 ひつじ村 大地の恵みと冒険の海 SUCCESS Corporation 3.8 More
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