Mobile Game Inazuma Eleven SD Reveals Gameplay Trailer

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LEVEL-5’s upcoming mobile game Inazuma Eleven SD (イナズマイレブンSD) revealed a gameplay trailer and confirmed to be released in October.

Gameplay Trailer


Inazuma Eleven SD is a ohajiki-based online battle game, which allows players to collect and form a team of toy figure characters from the Inazuma Eleven series, in order to join the “Super Dimensional Toy Soccer” games.


Players will be able to pass and shot the ball simply by flicking the characters. The ultimate skills of the characters also follows the settings of the original works.

The game features a “Story Mode” with an original story where you can clear maps to obtain new figures and unlock new maps, as well as a “Stadium Battle Mode” where you can battle against players across Japan.

Whenever you win a battle, you can attract fans to support your team and you will be able to challenge more battles .


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