Cross-Server PvP Comes to Astral Chronicles!

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The all-new cross-server PvP is finally coming to Astral Chronicles! If you have confidence in your team, up your PvP game and take on players from different servers. Find out more in the official press release below, don’t miss out on the exclusive QooApp supply packs!

<<Official Astral Chronicles Press Release>>

uBeeJoy’s fantastic JRPG Astral Chronicles is ready for another huge update this October 2nd, adding brand new cross-server PVP battlefield: Astral Conquest. The war is on! Time to fight for glory! Are you ready to join the decisive war under the red moon?

Global Cross-Server PVP Battle Starts!

The new event Astral Conquest will start after the update, where players will join 1 of 3 factions led by Kalypso, Utanashi, and Netheria. 600 contestants will fight for their faction on one battlefield. Players must attack neighboring cities in a war where higher difficulty and more survivors lead to higher points. Only those with the highest points can rule the city. All players will get generous rewards based on their contribution and ranking.

New SSR H20 Joins the Battle!

H20 is a puppet created according to the legendary angel Angelica. The three swords(joy, anger, and sorrow)carry all her feelings. When using the sword, she will show her corresponding emotions. Recruit H20 to help you win this battle!

Level Up the Main Character and Get Ready for the War!

Players now can upgrade the character from N quality to SSR quality using the Star-up system. Once all the nodes are lit up, the character will be awakened. This not only boosts character stats greatly, but the character’s image will also get upgraded to show-off their new power.

Team Up with Friends from Different Servers!

All dungeons that require a team to enter now allow players to team up with friends from other servers. At the lobby, you can join the team created by players from other servers and challenge the dungeon side by side to win precious loots.

Time-limited Astral Conquest Supply Pack for free!

To help you win an advantage in the battlefield, we’ve prepared exclusive supply packs for players on QooApp! Don’t miss out!

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