[Qoo News] Mystery Novel Anime Adaptation Woodpecker Detective’s Office Revealed Cast and Main Visual


Anime adaptation of Kei Ii’s (伊井圭) 1999 Japanese mystery novel Woodpecker Detective’s Office (啄木鳥探偵處) revealed main visual and the main cast members. It is scheduled to premiere in April 2020.


▲ Main Visual of Woodpecker Detective’s Office

Private Investigator Takuboku Ishikawa (石川啄木) will be voiced by Shintarō Asanuma (浅沼 晋太郎), while Kyōsuke Kindaichi (金田一京助) wll be voiced by Takahiro Sakurai (櫻井 孝宏). Voice actor Kenjiro Tsuda will also join the cast, but the character is not yet announced.

The series is animated by Liden Films, with Tomoe Makino (牧野友映)serving as director, and “Hanebad!” director Shinpei Ezaki (江崎 慎平) serving as chief director. “Haikyuu!!” script writer and series composition Taku Kishimoto (岸本卓) is handling the series composition.


The story takes place in 1909 during Japan’s Meiji era. The novel tells the fictional story of Takuboku Ishikawa (a real life poet) who runs a detective agency with his friend Kyōsuke Kindaichi, a real life linguist. They join hands to investigate a ghost appearances at the Asakusa Jūnikai building, known as the Ryōunkai.


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