Digimon Re:Arise Global Re-Roll Summary

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The global version of Digimon ReArise is officially out! Over a year after the original Japan release, the game is finally ready to greet players worldwide in English, Korean, and Traditional Chinese. For those of you who want to keep the original Japanese voice-overs, don’t worry, an option for that is available when you start the game. So without further ado, here’s a quick guide to starting Digimon ReArise.

First Roll

During the launch period of the game, a special step-up summon will be available, summoning from this pool will guarantee WarGreymon at the final step of the ladder. After summoning the final step once, the pool will stay at the first step of the ladder which has an increased Mega drop rate.

Recommended Starting Digimon (Mega)


WarGreymon is not available in the initial tutorial summon pool but is guaranteed if players reach the final sep of the launch step-up ladder. WarGreymon is a great Digimon for PvE content. WarGreymon has high single-target damage which makes it great at clearing bosses.


HiAndromon is a support type Digimon that raises the Def of your team. Additionally, HiAndromon also has a paralyze skill which makes it incredibly useful in end game content when enemies are harder to take down and hit harder.

Digimon to Avoid

Puppetmon, VenomMyotismon, MetalEtemon, & MetalSeadramon. This Digimon are pretty useless, they lack DPS and generally are weaker than the other Digimon.


To ensure an easy head start to the game, it is recommended that you have at least one of Mega Digimon, preferably one of the recommended ones above, as well as another Mega Digimon. You would want to start with at least one Ultimate Digimon for the greater initial stats and one that has the ability to evolve into a Mega.

Final Opinions

Whilst ReArise is one of the better Digimon mobile games, the game is incredibly labor-intensive. Players are required to do a lot of farming and grinding to get all the materials required to evolve their Digimon and make them stronger. Even as a fan it could still be too much to handle. If you’re starting the game, be prepared for a lot of grinding.


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