Pearl Abyss First MMO Shooter “Plan 8” Revealed Debut Trailer @ G-STAR 2019

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Black Desert Online developer Pearl Abyss revealed the debut trailer of its upcoming MMO shooter “PLAN 8” during a stage event at G-STAR 2019. Lead producer SeungKi Lee and technical adviser Minh Le joined the stage to share their thoughts.




Titled as an exosuit MMO shooter, Plan 8 features realistic graphics set within an expansive sci-fi world filled with interesting and mysterious storylines. Pearl Abyss is utilizing its famous MMORPG combat system to create a whole new type of shooter.


The game takes place in an alien invasion on Earth where people are using the remains of the aliens to build new weapons to defend ourselves. In the trailer, we can a bunch of pretty cool stuff. It seems that players will be able to attack others with spider-arms or run on the walls with the exosuit.

Lead producer SeungKi Lee expressed that the production team tried to create a shooter game that looks like no other. An open-game world is created for players to discover the mysterious storyline.



The “MMO” side is not yet explained, but Lee promised that it would bring a brand-new style to the shooter game.

The game will be available on PC and console, but the release date is not yet confirmed.

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