Stardew Valley PC is Getting a Massive Update on 26/11

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More than three years after release, the creator of Stardew Valley, Eric Barone, recently announced a massive and free update for the PC version in a blog post. This end-game patch seems very promising as a variety of new content, smoother controls and feel are anticipated.

Stardew Valley

About the Game

Stardew Valley was first released in 2016 on PC. It is still going pretty strong throughout the years, even the indie gaming industry is becoming more competitive. This casual and relaxing farming simulation RPG is highly rated across the world. Players simply enjoy the designs and all the possibilities in the game world.

What’s new?

For the veteran fans who have already obtained every end-game item and unlocked all achievements, this long-awaited update definitely brings the game back to life again. In terms of the content, according to Barone, “nearly every aspect of the game has been expanded or improved upon in some way”.

Let’s take a sneak peak of the Patch 1.4:

1) Every spouse now has a unique 14-heart event after marriage;
2) The once almost worthless Wild Bait now may bring you to catch double fish;
3) Small details like we can now easily screen-cap the whole farm.

Stardew Valley

Barone also mentions the control and feel have been improved a lot and the game is now polished to the degree that he has always wanted. This end-game patch will also be available on all other platforms not very long after the PC launch.

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