Anime “pet” 2nd PV Reveals Opening Theme Song and 6th January Premiere

Mr. Qoo

Anime adaptation of Ranjō Miyake’s (三宅亂丈) psychic thriller manga “pet” (ペット) revealed the 2nd PV and the information of its opening theme song. The anime series also gets a premiere date on 6th January.

The PV previews the opening theme song “Chō no Tobu Suisō” (The Tank that Allows Butterfly to Fly), performed by TK from Ling Tosite Sigure (TK from 凛として時雨).

The series is directed by “Durarara!!” director Takahiro Omori (大森 貴弘) and written by Cowboy Bebop scriptwriter Sadayuki Murai (村井さだゆき), with animation by Geno Studio. Junichi Hayama (羽山 淳一) is handling the character designs.


In a world where some have the power to enter people’s minds, there’s also a danger. The power of controlling memories can be used as a weapon or tool. Mysteries can be erased, minds can be assassinated and destroyed.

However, this power can backfire and eat up one’s heart. To counter it, chains are used to lock and protect each other’s weak and dangerous heart. From one’s growing fear and disdain, they’re consequently called “Pet.”

Characters and Cast

■ Hiroki – CV: Keisuke Ueda (植田 圭輔)

■ Tsukasa – CV: Kishō Taniyama (谷山 紀章)

■ Satoru – CV: Yūki Ono (小野 友樹)

■ Hayashi – CV: Yasuyuki Kase (加瀬 康之)

■ Katsuragi – CV: Shunsuke Sakuya (咲野 俊介)

■ Jin – CV: M.A.O

■ Ron – CV: Kōji Yusa (遊佐 浩二)

■ Company President – CV: Nobuo Tobita (飛田 展男)


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