Elemental Knights X Fairy Tail 2nd Collaboration Starts 11/11!

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The second collaboration of Elemental Knights (エレメンタルナイツオンラインR) and Fairy Tail (フェアリーテイル) has just started! Have a look of the new items and boss fight!


Collaboration Period

11th November, 2019 17:00 (JST) – 24th November, 2019 23:59 (JST)

Log-in Reward for everyone – Charles (シャルル) ★8

All players who log in to the game during the collaboration period will get a Carla (シャルル – Sharuru) ★8.

2nd Collaboration Highlighted Items (18th – 24th November 2019 23:59 JST)

Elsa’s Heavenly Armor (エルザの「天輪の鎧」)

 Lucy’s Virgo Form (ルーシィの「バルゴフォーム」)

The Final Fight: VS. Acnologia  (アクノロギア)

Beat the Acnologia with the Fairy tale’s fellas! The final battle is moderate so even beginners can enjoy the collaboration event.

S-Rank: Inside the Time Frame (「時の狭間」)

There is also a S-Rank: Inside the Time Frame battle for veteran players, the strongest Acnologia is waiting for you!

About the Game

Elemental Knights is an MMORPG which many people simultaneously adventure and battle in real-time. It was initially released in the 2008, developed and published by Winlight. You can choose to be a Fighter, Cleric, Thief, or Wizard at first. As you proceed, you will meet a lot of other players and get more quests from the NPCs. Let’s create your own character and start on an adventure just the way you like it! It is now available on both iOS and Android.


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