10 Best Anime Mobile Games in November 2019


November is an exciting month with lots of great game launches! Check out our list of the Best Japanese Anime Mobile Game of November and perhaps you can find your favorite here!


1. World Flipper



It is an RPG featuring pinball gameplay by Cygames, developers of popular titles such as Granblue Fantasy and Shadowverse. Players will manipulate the pixel-art styled characters and strike them to attack the weak point of the enemies. Players can also unleash the skills of the characters and create combo attacks. You can also invite a maximum of three friends to challenge the boss battles.

★ Editor’s Comment: I am super excited about this game and I sincerely recommend you to play with your friends! The pixel art style is so unique that you will be easily drawn to its fantasy world. The gameplay is simple but it requires certain techniques to accurately attack the weak point of the enemies. You can also swap to unleash the skills of your characters, while the grand performance gives you the thrills. You can also utilize the walls to change the direction of your characters, as well as dodging the enemies’ attacks. Don’t forget to invite your friends to challenge the boss battles, it really brings fun to the parties 🙂

*JP VPN is needed for this game




2. WAR OF THE VISIONS: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

WAR OF THE VISIONS ファイナルファンタジー ブレイブエクスヴィアス 幻影戦争


Co-developed by SQUARE ENIX and Gumi, it is a spin-off TRPG of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius that draws inspiration from the Final Fantasy Tactics series of games. Players will be taking an adventure with the Leonis twin brothers in the world of Lapis.

The game’s combat utilizes a turn-based tactical system set on 3D fields with different levels of elevation. Players can unleash different abilities of the characters, as well as limit burst when the gauge reaches its fullest.

★ Editor’s Comment: Like every other Final Fantasy Game, WAR OF THE VISIONS intrigues players with its strong characters and sophisticated adventure story. Gameplay finds similarity with For Whom the Alchemist Exists, which is another hit TRPG by Gumi, but the training system of this game is much more complicated with the addition of Vision Card and Guardian. A lot of effort and time is needed if you want to master the game. 

There are more than 20 jobs available in the game, which means multiple strategies can be used in battles. I have fun plotting strategy to debuff the opponent’s attack and skills, but it requires way too many AP to unleash limit break and Guardian’s attack. The drop rate for UR characters is a bit low with only 2%. On the bright side when the SSR characters upgrade to its highest level (limit breaks included), they are indeed more useful than most of the UR characters.



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3. Sword Art Online: Alicization Rising Steel

Sword Art Online: Alicization Rising Steel


It is a mobile RPG developed by Bandai Namco following the Alicization Arc of the SAO franchise. Original story supervised by series creator, Reki Kawahara (川原 礫) is also available. A new character, Eydis Synthesis Ten, is also introduced to the series. Players will be able to control the signature character from the franchise, engage in turn-based battles, unleash the character’s different skills, which is presented in CG animation.

★ Editor’s Comment: The main story takes up the sound (not fully-voiced though) and visual from the anime. So even though you are not an SAO fan, you will easily immerse yourself in the narrative. It is good that the game features some adventure elements, where you can run and fight monsters on a linear map (similar to Another Eden), but the map is just too simple.

The turn-based battle system is more like the same as other RPGs, where you select the character’s skills and an auto mode helps you defeat all the enemy. Building and breaking your enemy’s incarnation skills are fun when you meet stronger enemies. Strategy is needed as you can switch the turn to different characters from your party based on their incarnation skills.



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4. The King of Fighters for Girls

The King of Fighters for Girls

It is an otome game based on SNK’s fighting game franchise “The King of Fighters”. Players will play as the female manager of some of the world’s greatest fighters. The original main story is available and players would have the opportunity to date the 13 KOF signature characters and two original characters. Players can also train the characters’ fighting skills and open their side stories.

★ Editor’s Comment: To be honest, I never thought that the KOF franchise can be transformed into an otome game. But the game is actually not bad with pretty graphics and fine BGM. The character design follows the original franchise and the distinctive personality of the characters certainly wins your heart.

The main story is fully-voiced, but the card and side story is not voiced. Though CG images can be obtained from SSR cards, it doesn’t give you the incentive to obtain one. The battle system is super simple and all you can do is tapping the phone. For a KOF game, I really expect more than this…The game also features an SNS system, where you can talk to the fighters, but only a few conversations are available. Nevertheless, if you are looking for an otome game with cute guys, you can give it a try.




5. Weekly Jump Heroes Battle! My Collection 2

ジャンプヒーロー大戦 –オレコレクション2-


It is a remake of Jump 50th celebratory mobile game, Weekly Shonen Jump Ore Collection. The new version of the game features 3D character models and has a turn-based combat system. Players will be able to collect iconic Jump characters and create their own Jump dream team. The characters also have special Skill Activation effects.

★ Editor’s Comment: Though I miss the manga-style card of the old game, the gameplay really improves in this new version. Gameplay finds similarity with NetEase’s Onmyoji, where you unleash skills in turn-based battles and equip six runes to enhance the character’s ability. Equipping two sets and four sets of the same type of runes will create different special effects (e.g. enhance attack power, chances of stunning opponent and chances of counterattack). One new thing is the combo skills and its CG graphics certainly steal eyes. As the combination can create different effects, PVP battles certainly bring fun. 



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6. Renshin Astral



Developed by LIONSHIP STUDIO, the SRPG allows players to summon gods by combining different units in one-on-one battles. During battles, players can combine units with the same color to create a more powerful unit. You can even create the highest status of Gods after combining multiple units. The colors also define the abilities of the units.

★ Editor’s Comment: Though I am a bit distracted by the chunibyo pose of the characters, the game actually has an interesting system. All you need to do is placing the unit on the board and the units with the same color will automatically combine. The battlefield will enlarge when you create stronger units. Strategies are needed on where to place the unit, while different colors will create different effects for your units. The CG effect of the mage’s skill is very powerful and I admire the live 2D art. The drop rate is comparatively high with 5% for ★5 characters and I get three ★5 for just 10 draws.




7. Hoshinari Echoes



It is an RPG created by GCREST, developer of otome game 100 Sleeping Princes & the Kingdom of Dreams and Akasasu Sekai de Kimi to Utau. The game sets in a world where dark create reamed, and the appearance of “Scepters”, people that wield superpower weapons, saved the world. Players will play as the teacher of a “Scepters” academy, and have a special power, “echo” to help “Scepters” to reach their full potential.

Players will be able to assign “Scepters” to explore different tower and battle against the dark creature. The echo system allows the character to unleash greater attacks when the teams have a higher intimacy level. Your team can also unleash a limit echo attack when the gauge reaches its fullest.

★ Editor’s Comment: I am not sure whether I should put this game under the otome category. Sure, there are a bunch of hot-blooded ikeman, but the story and battle system follows is like a normal RPG. More importantly, there are lots of cute girls too… Anywhere, if you treat as a normal RPG, the graphic is stunning and the gameplay is actually not bad. The fully-voiced main story and the cast are just amazing. All players will be rewarded with a ★5 card to start the game, which flavors those players who want to initiate a reset marathon. 

When entering the tower, you can decide the number of steps taken, collect different materials and fight against dark creatures. During battles, you will unleash the character’s skills like most of the mobile RPG. The echo system is interesting as the power of your echo attack depends on your echo (intimacy) level with the characters. It means that you will have to talk to the characters and give them presents to make them stronger. Character episodes and new voices will be unlocked as the bondings grow. 




8. Disgaea RPG



It is an RPG developed by Forward Works according to the Disgaea series. Players will be able to create their teams of iconic demon lords and clear stages to further strengthen their characters to deal massive damage numbers, which are the core of the Disgaea series. Players can further upgrade their characters with Awakening, Rebirth, and Demonification. All these upgrades and strengthening will further increase the damage output to surpass anything seen in previous Disgaea titles.

★ Editor’s Comment: After such a long wait, the game doesn’t really disappoint. The game inherits not only the characters from the series but also some of the core elements of the series like the infinite farming to chase the high damage output as well as the incredible Tower Attacks.

For Disgaea fans, the game retains many of the console title’s graphic styles. Combine this with the Recollection Mode which lets you replay many of the key events of the console games, Disgaea RPG is a great place holder for fans to play as a mobile replacement to the mainline console games.

The only thing that doesn’t really work well is the stamina system. Disgaea is a series that revolves around heavy repetition and farming to create ridiculous damage numbers. With the mobile stamina system, you are really limited to how much you can progress in one sitting. Thankfully, it doesn’t take too long for stamina to refill.




9. Utawarerumono Lost Flag

うたわれるもの ロストフラグ


It is a smartphone RPG based on adult tactical role-playing visual novel PC & console game, Utawarerumono. The game features over 20 characters and signature characters from the series. Players can collect them while proceeding with the story. You have to build the team according to the character’s features and equip different skills. Auto-mode is available in battles and players can unleash greater damage with combo attacks.

★ Editor’s Comment: It is an old franchise and this game certainly designed for die-hard fans only. The series attracts fans with its outstanding storyline, but I am surprised that there is no voice at all. A visual novel without voice only pushes fans away. The battle system is nothing new, where you can unleash three stages of skill when the gauge reaches to different points. Players can equip skill cards on the characters, which is similar to the craft essence of FGO. I am putting this game to the list because of the franchise and stunning graphic. But I suggest you lower your expectations when you start the game. 




10. Promise of Wizard



It is a wizard nurturing otome game developed by coly, the mastermind behind “Stand My Heroes” and “On Air”. The game follows the character design of illustrator Dangmill (ダンミル) and the script is written by Idolish7’s writer Bunta Tsushimi (都志見文太).

The game features a fully-voiced main story. Players will be able to nurture the young wizards and even determine the types of magic that they use. The characters’ costumes will change as they grow. During the nurturing process, you will unlock special episodes and enable the character to obtain new personalities, such as calmness or serious.

After nurturing the wizard, you can assign them to go on a mission. You will be building three teams according to the weather or terrain of the location, and challenging other wizards (players).

★ Editor’s Comment: It is more like a wizard nurturing game, so don’t put many expectations on the battle system. To successfully nurture a wizard, you will have to fulfill certain criteria and select the correct training for the characters. It is interesting that their costumes and skills will be different based on the selection that you made. But the nurturing process is repetitive, and I lost incentive after the characters successfully transform into his evolution form. Nevertheless, the story features nice graphics and is written by the writer of Idolish 7, so I will still stay for the story. 



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