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Although it might not be what we asked for, Bandai Namco has completely overhauled the 50th Jump Anniversary celebratory mobile game, Weekly Shonen Jump Ore Collection. The new game drastically changes the gameplay and the art style, so here are a few tips to starting this whole new adventure.

Unlike the change from Smash Tap to Smash Rising (My Hero Academia), existing players will not get to keep their old characters. Carrying over an existing account only brings back all the currencies from the old account to the new account. This could mostly be due to the lack of characters in the new game. Fortunately, almost all the characters in Jump Heroes Taisen are viable once you level them out.

Carry Over Method


If you’ve taken a look at the new gacha, you’ll see that the rates for 5★ characters are pitifully low and there are two different 3★ categories. The reason for this is simple. In the gacha system for Jump Heroes Taisen, players will be able to obtain awakened characters. Whilst natural 5★ characters are great to have early on, having awakened characters will also get you quite far into the game due to the fact that awakened characters will have new skills unlocked (active/combo/leader skills included) as well as a significant boost to their base stats.

Reset Marathon

Honestly, I wouldn’t really bother with re-rolling in the new game. The rates are simply too low to be worth all the trouble.

Spending Gems

As tempting as it may be to start the game and use all your gems for summoning, I wouldn’t recommend doing so. Although gems can be obtained by clearing Daily Missions, you don’t really get a lot from other activities from the game. I would recommend you first start clearing the main story chapters first since this will unlock limited packs that can be bought with gems. For just 30 gems, you will be able to buy a pack that gives you 5 rare summon tickets. Each gacha summon with gems costs 20 gems, so the 30 gem pack is a must-get pack.

As you unlock more heroes in the Heroes Journal, you will also be notified of new character enhance packs that you can buy with gems. If you have the gems to spare, these packs are extremely helpful for getting your initial team set up for PvP.

Importance of PvP

Gems. The higher you get in PvP, the higher your weekly rewards (gems). Since gems are quite hard to get in the game, getting as high as you can in PvP is quite important if you want to obtain gems for summoning and buying new packs.

Character & Runes

There are a few things you can do to improve your character. The easiest and most basic is increasing your character’s level. This can be done by feeding it other units or having it in your team as your clear stages. The next thing you can do is Awaken it. This requires specific materials that can be obtained in the daily dungeons. Awakening your character will have several benefits including improved stats and new skills.

If you have a duplicate of the same character, you will be able to use the duplicates to improve the character’s skill levels. Note that the only requirement needed to increase skill levels is having the same character. The same element is not required.

When your character reaches max level, you can evolve them to raise the ★. To evolve, you will need characters of the same ★ (i.e 2×2★ Character required to evolve to 3★).

The Rune system is a new feature that is added to Jump Heroes Taisen. Similar to other games like Summoners Wars and Onmyoji, players will be able to equip different rune sets on their characters to further fine-tune the character’s stats. The game currently has x sets of runes you can obtain and equip on your character. See the image below for more details.

When you have the right sets equipped, you can also improve individual runes. At each enhancement milestone, a new effect will take place.

These are just a few things that will help you with playing Jump Heroes Taisen: Ore Collection. If you have any other tips, share them in the comments with others! Which version of Ore Collection do you prefer more?

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