Jump Heroes Taisen: Ore Collection Servers LIVE!

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Bandai Namco has launched the servers for the updated Jump Ore Collection, Jump Heroes Taisen: Ore Collection today (26th November)!

Jump Heroes Taisen: Ore Collection is a major overhaul of Bandai Namco’s Weekly Shonen Jump Ore Collection. The game is the second of Bandai Namco’s mobile game to receive a major overhaul, the first being My Hero Academia Smash Tap.

JUMP英雄大戰 我的收藏2

In the new overhauled version of the game, players will be able to collect iconic Jump characters and create their own Jump dream team.

JUMP英雄大戰 我的收藏2

The game’s combat system will still be turn-based, but new features will be including character co-op skills will be added. The new version will also include 3D models.

Jump Heroes Taisen: Ore Collection will feature a new unique story that brings Jump characters to the real world.

Account Carry-Over

All players who still have the old version of the game installed on their devices will be able to automatically carry over their accounts after updating the game.

For those who have uninstalled the game, you will be able to carry your account over from the main menu following the images below.

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