Disgaea RPG Pre-Load Starts Today! Servers Expected to Launch This Week

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The maintenance hell seems to be truly over for Disgaea RPG as today (26th November), the official Twitter account for the game announced that the game is officially available for pre-load. Game servers are expected to go live this week (25th November – 1st December).

Maintenance Hell Recap

-Year: 2019 Timezone: JST-
■ 19th March 10:30 – Official Launch
■ 19th March 10:50 – Emergency Maintenance
■ 19th March 19:00 – Maintenance until 20th March Announcement
■ 20th March 10:30 – Maintenance expected to end 11:00
■ 20th March 12:15 – Maintenance extended from 20:30 until 22:00
■ 20th March 22:00 – Underlying problems not fixed, game maintenance extended until 21st March
■ 21st March 19:18 – Maintenance expected to end 20:00
■ 21st March 20:30 – Main maintenance issues fixed but will remain under maintenance to provide better service to players
■ 22nd March 19:10 – Maintenance expected to run until after 25th March. The target goal is to relaunch the game within March
■ 23rd March 14:12 – Join forces with external professionals to fix underlying game issues and improve server stability. The target goal of relaunching the game within March remains unchanged
■ 25th March 14:30 – Due to massive numbers of overseas players, region restrictions implemented with further stress tests
■ 29th March 18:15 – Maintenance complete, Game expected to relaunch 30th March
■ 30th March 12:05 – Game relaunched but in-app purchases disabled
■ 30th March 23:30 – Game relaunched at 22:00, restricted access implemented, players may be required to queue for game access
■ 31st March 10:22 – Game returns to maintenance at 11:30 due to server crashes despite restricted access
■ 1st April 18:45 – Official apology released in regards to not being able to launch the game on 19th March, new release date unconfirmed
■ 12th April 19:01 – Official announcement stating the game will be under maintenance for over three months
■ 31st May 18:00 – Official announcement focusing on fixing the game server issues and underlying game issues. Fall 2019 launch expected
■ 29th July 17:03 – Re-launch delayed from Fall 2019 until November 2019. Maintenance schedule released
■ 9th September 17:35 – Development status update
■ 1st October 17:00 – Official announcement via Twitter stating all tasks on maintenance schedule completed
■ 25th October 17:00 – Stress Test announced
■ 31st October 15:00 – Stress Test commenced
■ 3rd November 15:00 – Stress Test end
■ 19th November 12:05New PV released
■ 22nd November 11:00 – Late November launch date confirmed
■ 26th November – Pre-load commenced

About the Game

In Disgaea RPG, players will be able to create their own teams of iconic demon lords from the series and clear stages to further strengthen their characters to deal massive damage numbers which is the core of the Disgaea series. The game will feature up to 4x speed with a full auto mode to ensure that players will be able to farm and grind the game without putting in all the manual labor.

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