10 Best Otome Game in 2019


2019 is undoubtedly the year for otome when numbers of highly-anticipated otome mobile games were released. Some people may say that rarely does otome games have decent gameplays, but I have to disagree for this year. Check out QooApp’s 10 Best Otome Game List 2019, you may find how interesting an otome game can be!


1. Crimson Clan


クリムゾンクラン オープニングムービークリムゾンクラン オープニングムービー


Crimson Clan is an RPG developed by Otomate and Idea Factory. Set against a backdrop of a dark fantasy game, the protagonist has downloaded a mysterious app, Crimson Clan, and is involved in a deadly survival game. Players will be able to nurture the members from different clans while battling against the mysterious creature with the character’s unique skills.

★ Editor’s Comment: It is a fair RPG with stunning visuals and superb BGM. Gameplay is like a normal RPG. The battle system is simple and auto-mode is available, but you will need certain strategies to defeat enemies in higher difficulty modes. The characters have different skills to debuff enemies, such as poison, paralysis, and sleep. On the other hand, summoning guardians can bring you advantages in the battles. The new strife mode allows PVP battles and you will need to plot multiple strategies for different opponents. 

To be honest, it is better than most otome games, where you can only collect cards or read the story. Unfortunately, though the main story is fully-voiced, the card story (even for the SSR card) is not. But the main story is interesting enough to keep you in the game. Also, it is easy to get a rare card as an SSR card is guaranteed on 20 and 30 draws. 




2. Dance Killer Trick!!! – Boys, be DANCING! –

ダンキラ!!! – Boys, be DANCING! –

『ダンキラ!!! - Boys, be DANCING! -』プロモーションムービー『ダンキラ!!! – Boys, be DANCING! -』プロモーションムービー


It is a rhythm game by Konami. Dance Killer Trick!!! is a global dance phenomenon where dancers challenge one another. The students of Benizuru Academy, an academy covering both middle and high school, have set their goal to be the champions of Dance Killer Trick!!!. Your role is to train them to become the greatest dancers.

★ Editor’s Comment: A rather standard rhythm game with great graphics and fully-voiced main story. It has a quality song list and I appreciate the variety of music genres that it has included. I enjoy watching the dance tricks that the boys performing in the background, though it is sometimes a bit distracting when you are trying to tap the note. It is also comparatively easy from other rhythm games. But if you are interested in dancing cute boys, you can give it a try.



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3. Hoshinari Echoes


『星鳴エコーズ』PV(Full ver.)『星鳴エコーズ』PV(Full ver.)


It is an RPG created by GCREST, developer of otome game 100 Sleeping Princes & the Kingdom of Dreams. The game is set in the world, where the appearance of seven mysterious towers bringing dark creatures and terror to humans. Humans developed a weapon against the towers and the specially-trained individuals who wield the power was named “Scepter”.

Players will serve as the teacher Hoshinari High School, who has the power of “echo” to help the “Scepter” student reach their full potential. Players will be able to assign students to explore the towers and search for treasure after battling against the dark creature. The echo system allows the character to unleash greater attacks when the teams have higher echo level.

★ Editor’s Comment: The live 2D graphics and fully-voiced main story is undoubtedly a highlight. It is interesting to know that the “Scepter” units are composed of both male and female students (which is rather rare in otome game world lol). As a teacher, you are like a guardian of the young warriors and the funny interaction between students certainly warms your hearts. I am also surprised that not only the main story, the individual stories are also fully voiced. The game has done a great job in portraying the characters and I am intrigued by their gap moe after learning more about them.

The UI is well-designed which gives a futuristic ambiance Battle system is rather simple and an auto mode can do all the tricks. It really depends on how you nurture the characters. You will also have to strengthen the echo levels between students as they will unleash greater attacks when the two have higher echo level.




4. Otome Ken Musashi




The protagonist is the successor to legendary swordsman Miyamoto Musashi (宮本 武蔵) and she was involved in the battles between different handsome descendants of the legendary samurai, including Sasaki Kojirou (佐々木 小次郎), Yagyuu Jyuubei (柳生 十兵衞), Takasugi Shinsaku (高杉 晋作), Sakamoto Ryoma (坂本竜馬) and Katsura Kogoro(桂 小五郎) and many more. In battles, players will have to connect the Japanese words in line to form a vocabulary.

★ Editor’s Comment: The game impresses with an interesting setting and gameplay. We finally get a heroine that is super cool and can actually fight in battles. The main story is fully voiced and I am surprised that the heroine is voiced too. The new Shinsengumi Arc collects my favorite samurai and I am intrigued by the increasingly exciting plot.

The battle system is simple but fun. Though you may not know Japanese, you can still form the vocabulary according to the example given. Strategies are surprising needed in battles. Depending on how you connect the words, the direction of your slash will be different and thus decide which enemy you attack. Aiming for the head or heart will also create greater attacks. Unfortunately, the gacha drop rate is super low. With around 1% for SSR card.

A mini-game is also available, where characters can take part-time jobs in a restaurant. The chibi-style certainly steals some hearts.




5. re:colloquial


コロキュアルMV「get a move on!」 /アーティスト:柚木要(CV.村瀬歩)佐山倫太郎(CV.小野賢章)コロキュアルMV「get a move on!」 /アーティスト:柚木要(CV.村瀬歩)佐山倫太郎(CV.小野賢章)


“re:COLLOQUIAL” is a remake of the English-learning mobile game, COLLOQUIAL. As a girl that is studying oversea, you are suddenly called back to Japan after your father entered the hospital. You then have to take care of your father’s English Learning Center, which is on the verge of shutting down. In order to protect your father’s workplace, you join hands with its students and teachers in hopes of rebuilding the place.

Apart from the fully-voiced main story, different scenarios, featuring Yes or No questions or multiple-choice questions, will be available for you to learn English.

★ Editor’s Comment: I play this game so I can hear my favorite voice actors speak English. XD I am surprised that Ayumu Murase has a really good English accent (before I learn that he is born in the U.S). For English-speaking players, the question is rather simple. But you can learn Japanese on the contrary and the casual gameplay makes the best way to kill time.





6. Namuami-UTENA-

なむあみだ仏っ!-蓮台 UTENA-

『なむあみだ仏っ!-蓮台 UTENA-』ゲームPV第1弾『なむあみだ仏っ!-蓮台 UTENA-』ゲームPV第1弾


Namuami-UTENA- is an RPG by DMM and is originally operated online on PC. The story follows the Thirteen Buddha, along with Taishakuten and Bonten, who must confront the evil Māra. To defend the world from the demons released by Māra, players will join hands with the Buddha warriors and fight for the sake of mankind.

★ Editor’s Comment: Though it reminds a lot of Touken Ranbu, I enjoy watching the interaction between the Buddha. Each character has vivid personalities and the moe gap really heals me. Auto Mode does all the tricks in battles, so don’t expect too much. But If you like collecting and nurturing characters, it may suit you as the probability of getting rare cards is comparatively higher (7% for ★5 cards) than the other otome games. Also, there are no voices in the main story, which makes it less attractive than other otome games



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7. Hero’s Park




Hero’s Park is an RPG, where you play as the head of an amusement park. The 21 staff members of the park are indeed heroes that source their power from people’s laugh. Your responsibility is huge as you have to renovate the bankrupt park and protect the town from the enemy’s attack!

★ Editor’s Comment: The hot-blooded story really moves me and the game has one of the best character’s portrayal not only for the heroes but also the villain. There are more than 200 fully-voiced episodes in the main story, so you may need patience until the story reaches its climax.

Gameplay includes park management elements, where you can upgrade different areas of the park and fulfill the wishes of the visitors. You can also collect items in the park from time to time to upgrade your heroes. Battles are pretty standard as you unleash the skills of the characters. Link bonus is available when you put specific heroes in the same team.





8. Black Star -Theater Starless-

ブラックスター -Theater Starless-

『ブラックスター -Theater Starless-』キャラ紹介ムービー『ブラックスター -Theater Starless-』キャラ紹介ムービー


Black Star -Theater Starless- is a rhythm game by Donuts. One day, you meet a mysterious but tempting guy, Kay, who is the star singer of a live music restaurant. He is unusually nice to you and insists you stay in the restaurant. This brought the attention of other male singers and you are involved in their rivals as they strive to become the top stars in the entertainment industry.

★ Editor’s Comment: The bad boy character design really wins my hearts. Though the story starts a little abrupt, you will fall for the character after knowing their past as the story proceeds. Fully-voiced main story featuring A-rank cast is the icing on the cake.

The song list is quite nice, but unfortunately, it is not performed by the seiyuu. The vertical interface is rare in rhythm games, which makes it easier than games of the same genre. However, new players may find it hard to nurture your card at the beginning, as there are very few rewards for each play. You will have to spend lots of time and effort to train the card in order to gain high scores.






快感♥フレーズ CLIMAX

【公式】「快感♥フレーズ CLIMAX」PV【公式】「快感♥フレーズ CLIMAX」PV


The game is based on Mayu Shinjo’s (新條まゆ) 1997 classic shojo manga Sensual Phrase. It sets in 20 years after the original series. The protagonist is a third-year college student, who has a dream of becoming a singer. She joins a National Vocal Audition held by three music companies and thus starts the heart-beating journey with different ikemen musicians.

★ Editor’s Comment: The fully-voiced main story follows a standard formula of shojo manga style, which is full of dreams and romance. The EXR card story is the champion as the sweet voice of the ikemen makes you blush effortlessly.

Gameplay is like Monopoly when you throw a dice and collect items on a map. Live performance will be available when you encounter other characters in the same location. You can also decorate the room with different adorable furniture and I am all smitten by the characters’ chibi styles.





10. Promise of Wizard




Promise of Wizard is developed by coly, the mastermind behind otome game “Stand My Heroes” and “On Air!”, with character design by Dangmill and script created by idolish7’s writer Bunta Tsushimi (都志見文太). Set in a world where humans and wizards co-exist, the rise of a gigantic moon brings hazard and terror on the five magical lands. A group of young wizards steps up, trying to bring back the peaceful time. The protagonist, who drops into this magical world accidentally, is treated as the mage and entrusted to save the world. You were joined by the young wizards in order to face the crisis ahead.

★ Editor’s Comment: The stunning live 2D visuals make the character looks alive and vivid, while the fully-voiced main story is entertaining under the hand of Bunta Tsushimi. The story gets darker and darker as it proceeds, which just encourages me to keep reading.

Nurturing is highly focused on the game. You will have to select the lessons for the characters and train them into great wizards. Depending on the options that you made (as well as other factors like location and team members), the type of wizards that they become will be different. The nurturing process is a bit dull and repetitive, but it gives you satisfaction when you finally nurture a ★4 wizard.




English Selection in 2019

Ayakashi Romance Reborn Eng. Ver.

Ayakashi: Romance Reborn Opening MovieAyakashi: Romance Reborn Opening Movie

Ayakashi Romance Reborn is an ikemen-nurturing game by Voltage. The normal peaceful life of the protagonist is turned upside down when a mystic wand awakens her power as an Onmyoji Diviner. You have to join forces with different Ayakashi in order to defend the attack from evil creatures known as Wraiths.


Official Site

A3! Eng. Ver.

A3! English Official TrailerA3! English Official Trailer

“A3!” is an actor-nurturing game published by CYBIRD and developed by Liber Entertainment. Players will be the director of a nearly collapsed theater group named “Mankai Company” in the smartphone game. In order to pay the debts of your missing father’s company, you recruit a wide range of theater actors, who are divided into four seasonally-named acting troupes.


Official Twitter

hE7gAS0Eeru9ziyGIi4HD5fDuRD2hbIHUprDtRhm5I2b0KOi3 vZwq9ZR ILqwjvzg=w300 A3! | English CYBIRD : HGKcG2d2F8Wc0 z4htvfv0gACD824euUbDjQeyqrJULUVsLjXHUTrG5vme1U hnMNkS =w300 Otome Ken Musashi 花梨ゲームズ Rate: 3.9 Download Z Sb1UKUE9BrzhTSEHFtsaR4AuBBmHnyitW6Gp nQte 6Ir7 USblv6Q0D1YLpVRO2KP=w300 Crimson Clan TAITO Corporation Rate: 4.2 Download K8xrXdMBbt0aS7ztve6VRAcwzobDNrzv8QFtRoImTGI0TfaHkubeV eeVBsRARThaWs=w300 Namuami-UTENA- DMMGAMES : IMt Ux3l4 Dance Killer Trick!!! - Boys, be DANCING! - KONAMI Rate: 4.4 Download BlZltw37aGdMoGVQez6WGpe4mY92UTtxb9VlJXW4bn2I DSEUwarNW2vLTCGKqOlK6L3=w300 Hoshinari Echoes GCREST, Inc. Rate: 4.0 Download o4GhMbDapdRZrAj2Ueq1x87vtUAW Sensual Phrase: CLIMAX NEXT GENERATION GMO GP, Inc. : pAZqGiWeb1iykdUqyfN9AS3HvLXsnKdAukh6qDWYQTZyXldz9rTjM k3TzY u565AzE=w300 Hero's Park DANK HEARTS Rate: 4.0 Download jCfH1niVDGD E vmPonohlP2Xt4jU3EjlOYUCM9Dl3vtRt6dfozngmhAIMDosIbibmw BLACK STAR: Theater Starless Donuts Co. Ltd. Rate: 4.5 Download vRgd6HDQQaYyWcW ZlvqgP6U3oUZm ewZIUYulW2aUZeE6UVkAbT Ioej8u RdCvhhEz=w300 Ayakashi: Romance Reborn | English Voltage, Inc. Rate: 4.5 Download mUdgMgGjK9UFfo2OVU165V66sgMiHiEvuPHG3hveA5weG5ablbKR KH0scEwpICyFKM Promise of Wizard coly Inc. Rate: 4.7 Download re:colloquial SUCCESS Corporation Rate: 4.2 Download