Multimedia Project “Futsal Boys!!!!!” Revealed 1st Animated PV

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Co-produced by Bandai Namco Arts, Bandai Namco Entertainment and diomedéa, multimedia project, “Futsal Boys!!!!!” (フットサルボーイズ!!!!!) revealed the first anime PV giving a sneak peek on the boys practicing soccer.

The project includes an anime, smartphone game, and five-a-side football tournaments. The voice actors will participate in real-life soccer tournaments and the game result will showcase in games and anime.

The youth story circles around five football high school teams and each is designed by a renowned mangaka or illustrator, including “Strawberry 100%” creator Mizuki Kawashita (河下水希); Utako Yukihiro (雪広うたこ); Tanaka Ogeretsu (たなかマルメロ); Urumiya Ruka (潤宮るか), Sata (沙汰) and Shirano (シラノ); Lily Hoshino (星野 リリィ).

Futsal Boys

Futsal Boys

Radio Drama

The official Youtube is currently streaming the radio drama of different teams, allowing the audience to know more about the characters.

■ Koyo Futsal Club

■ ADALBERT Futsal Club

Practice Competition

The information about practice competitions is also revealed. The four practice competitions will be held on 8th March, 19th April, 24th May, and 5th July. The first competition will be Koyo Futsal Club vs ADALBERT Futsal Club. Players who have the interest to join can check the official website for details.

Futsal Boys

■ Practice Video of the Fusal’s Cast

Official Website

Official Twitter

フットサルボーイズ!!!!! Futsal Boys!!!!! フットサルボーイズ!!!!!
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