[Qoo Guide] Getting Started in KonoSuba Fantastic Days


The fated day is finally upon us! Today (27th February), KonoSuba Fantastic Days officially launches on Android/iOS. KonoSuba Fantastic Days is a turn-based gacha game where players can collect their favorite characters from the series and form parties to clear quests. Staying true to the series’ witty and chaotic style, the characters that players can obtain will also be very “KonoSuba”. For example, Darkness is barely able to do damage and Megumin faints after using her special skill.


With the intro out of the way, here is a short guide on rerolling, recommended characters, and the beginner missions that will reward you with 3000 Quartz when completed!

Reset Marathon

When you first launch the game, there is a short conversation that you can skip before you are given an option to skip the combat tutorial. When you are rerolling, skipping the tutorial makes the process a lot faster.


After downloading all the additional data, you do your first 10x summon. You will be able to get multiple four-star characters during this summon.


After summoning and setting your name, you will be able to receive all the pre-registration and launch rewards from your mail and proceed to do another 10x summon and summon the four-star guaranteed gacha ticket.


Gacha Rates


Four-star: 4%
Three-star: 20%
Two-star: 76%

Recommended Characters


For an easy start, I recommend having at least two four-star characters, with one of them being a high tier four-star. Below are a few examples of high tier four-star characters.

■ Iris (アイリス)


High physical stats that works well considering how frequently she can use her attack skills. She has three physical attack skills in total, including her special (physical damage to all enemies, light element). Additionally, her skill, Pride Smash (ブライトスマッシュ) also gives all allies a small physical attack up buff.

■ Wiz (ウィズ)


She has the ability to buff all allies’ magical attack stat (and deal damage to a single target), which makes her great when you build her around a mage team. She has a water element AoE spell as well as a water element AoE special skill that attacks all enemies. She cannot be healed by conventional methods, just like the series, but her auto attacks heal herself (slightly).

■ Cielo (シエロ)

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Possibly the best support healer in the game at launch. She has a wind element AoE spells, one which gives all allies a mid physical defense buff in addition to dealing damage to all enemies. She has a heal that heals all allies and her special skill greatly heals all allies on top of giving them a large buff to physical and magic attack.

■ Yunyun (ゆんゆん)


Like Wiz, Yunyun has a single target attack skill that raises allies’ magic attack. She has a light element AoE spell that attacks all enemies and her special skill is a stronger AoE light element skill that attacks all enemies. Unlike Wiz, she can be healed by conventional means.

■ Arue (あるえ)


Aure is a dark type mage that has a combination of dark element offensive spells. Her single-target spell deals damage and applies a mid magic defense down debuff for 16 seconds. She has an AoE spell that attacks all enemies, and her special skill is a stronger AoE spell that attacks all enemies.

■ Mitsurugi (ミツルギ)


Mitsurugi’s skills deal thunder element physical damage to enemies. His single-target attack deals damage to a single enemy and gives all allies a small physical defense buff which lasts for 12 seconds. His AoE skill deals damage to all enemies and also slightly heals all allies. His special skill is worth mentioning because it deals damage to a single target whilst giving all allies a large physical defense buff. However, it is worth noting that his special has no element attached, meaning it will not be affected by element resistances.

Beginner Missions


Log in for 2 Days – Power-Up Potion (L)
Summon from Gacha x1 – Gold x5000
Change Character on Main Screen – Gold x5000
Watch Story for Chapter 1 Episode 6 – Gold x5000
Clear Chapter 1 (NORMAL) – Power-Up Potion (L)
Clear Chapter 2 (NORMAL) – Power-Up Potion (L)
Raise One Character to Level 10 – Power-Up Potion (L)
Raise Affinity of One Character to Level 3 – Gold x5000
Clear All Beginner Missions – Quartz x3000

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Official Twitter

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