“ZENONZARD” Mobile Card Game Goes Global in May 2020

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Bandai Namco announced that its Card Business Division will release “ZENONZARD: Artificial Card Intelligence,” a digital mobile card game utilizing a specialized artificial intelligence, in 56 countries and regions around the world in May 2020.



“ZENONZARD” is a new style of card battle game, featuring a specialized AI developed by HEROZ Kishin, an artificial intelligence leader in Japan.

Dubbed “ACI” or “Artificial Card Intelligence,” this technology is different from its pre-defined pattern-based predecessors, with one in-game variation boasting an astounding 99.26% win rate over players in Japan. Zenonzard also provides players with their own ACI assistants, who will learn and grow as they battle, adding a refreshing new element to the genre.

Players will be offered a choice of “Buddy AIs” from a colorful cast of characters called “codemen.” These codemen will give players advice during battles, offering their input on everything from card choice to offensive and defensive strategies, allowing players to learn the gameplay.

Codemen can also be consulted when constructing decks or when replaying past matches through battle reports, so even the newest of card game fans will feel at ease with the ACI.

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