[Qoo News] “Fate/Grand Order” New Story Arc Coming Soon! 5th Anniversary Project Unveiled!


Aniplex popular smartphone RPG “Fate/Grand Order” revealed the details of the new story arc for Arc 2 Chapter 5, named “Lostbelt No. 5 : Interstellar City on a Mountain Range : Olympus: The Day a God is Shot Down” during a live stream yesterday (8th April). A 30-second commercial is also streamed to provide a sneak peak on the story.

Lostbelt No.5 星間都市山脈 奧林帕斯


Lostbelt No.5 星間都市山脈 オリュンポス 30秒CMLostbelt No.5 星間都市山脈 オリュンポス 30秒CM


Masters from Chaldea continue their quests to fight against Kirschtaria Wodime, one of the 7 Crypters. They arrive at the Olympus Range, where the Greek Gods and Goddesses reside, bringing the finale to the Lostbelt 5 Arc.


Time-limited Pick-up Summon

New Servants
■ ★5 Saber Dioscuri


■ ★4 Lancer Caenis


New Craft Essences

Lostbelt No.5 星間都市山脈 奧林帕斯

FGO 5th Anniversary Project

In celebration of the fifth anniversary of the smartphone game, a new project “under the same sky” was announced. The project has invited the renowned illustrators from the game to create new visuals for the servants to visit the 47 prefectures in Japan. The first visual portraying Mashu Kyrielight visiting Shibuya has been revealed. Other illustrations will be revealed on the official Twitter and local newspapers in Japan later on.

Lostbelt No.5 星間都市山脈 奧林帕斯

Lostbelt No.5 星間都市山脈 奧林帕斯

5th Anniversary Special Site

Official Site

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