“The Thousand Noble Musketeers” Announces New Smartphone Title “The Thousand Noble Musketeers:Rhodoknight”

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Marvelous and Line Games announces a new smartphone title “The Thousand Noble Musketeers:Rhodoknight” (千銃士:Rhodoknight), based on the world setting of smartphone RPG “The Thousand Noble Musketeers” (千銃士).

“The Thousand Noble Musketeers” is an RPG that allows players to collect and fight with various anthropomorphized guns. It was released on Android and iOS devices in March 2018 and ended services on 31st October 2019. An offline version was released later on.


“The Thousand Noble Musketeers:Rhodoknight” is set seven years after the previous work. Hachiba Tsubashi (八破ツバシ) is credited as the original work and world design.

Following the collapse of the Imperial King, the power has been returned to the leaders worldwide. As the Musketeers showed their appearance in the Crowning Ceremony for the English Queen, the world leaders urged the Musketeers to return home to represent their countries.

Players will play as a student of the Army Academy, who was attacked by a mysterious force. The Musketeers save you from the risks with their power, “Absolutely Outrageous” (絶対非道). You then receive an order from the Alliance to join the secret agency, “Kathariste” in order to counter this mysterious force.

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