NetEase Games Introduces 3 New Game Titles, “Harry Potter: Magic Awakened”, “Project: Ragnarök”, and “NARAKA: BLADEPOINT”

Chinese developer and publisher NetEase Games yesterday (20th May) revealed the details of three new game titles, “Harry Potter: Magic Awakened”, “Project: Ragnarök”, and “NARAKA: BLADEPOINT” during the annual 520 Conference.

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

Co-developed with Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment, “Harry Potter: Magic Awakened” is a card-based RPG based on the popular “Harry Potter” franchise. An open beta for both iOS and Android devices is set to open in China on 29th May 2020.

The game starts with players receiving an acceptance letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. From there you will start out as a freshman and begin your wizarding journey by learning spells and gathering a group of friends to join you on your adventure. Players will be able to revisit the signature scene from the franchise, as well as joining various events, such as the Quidditch, Dueling Club, and The Yule Ball.

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“Project: Ragnarök”

“Project: Ragnarök” is a AAA open-world RPG inspired by Norse mythology, and it’s said to be a multi-platform release. This could mean that it is heading to PC and consoles in addition to mobile.

The story follows the doomsday prophecy of Ragnarok, where the fated struggle of nine individual races fighting against destruction and guarding their homeland in a world of dragons and giants. Players will play as an Einherjar, who is summoned to stop the world from its end.

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“NARAKA: BLADEPOINT” is a multiplayer combat game developed by 24 Entertainment. The game was first announced in December at The Game Awards 2019. A new trailer was revealed in the 520 Conference, centering more characters and their weapons, with an additional glimpse of new maps. It is set to release globally in 2020 for PC via Steam.

The game features a boundless movement system, an aim-at-whatever-you-want grappling hook, and a sophisticated combat system involving accessible block & parry mechanics.

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哈利波特:魔法覺醒 Harry Potter: Magic Awakened 哈利波特:魔法覺醒 NetEase Games 代号:Ragnarök(诸神黄昏) The Ragnarök 代号:Ragnarök(诸神黄昏) NetEase Games
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