Re:Zero Lost in Memories Pre-Registration Starts Today New Teaser PV Unveiled

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As previously announced, today (22nd May), the pre-registration for Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World Lost in Memories launched. Players can now pre-register for the game via Twitter, Line, and Email. Additionally, a special live-stream was also broadcasted.


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, the participants of the live-stream recorded their audio from separate studios and from the safety of their homes. Instead of seeing all the guests and MC together on screen, viewers had slides and a conference call-style visual showing which guest is speaking.

▲Takuya Eguchi (江口拓也) – Studio, Rie Murakawa (村川 梨衣) – Studio, Yūsuke Kobayashi (小林裕介) – From Home

During the live-stream, new information on the game was revealed. Re:Zero Lost in memories, as previously mentioned, will feature an original story revolving around the series’ protagonist, Subaru Tsubaki, who has amnesia and only remembers his name.

The game will feature turn-based combat. Players will be able to form teams with characters from the series. During combat, the characters will appear in chibi forms, but each character will have their own 2D illustrations that can be viewed on their stats page. Additionally, the live-stream revealed that characters will not only have levels, but also skill trees that players can go through to further strengthen each character.

Outside of the combat, players will be able to dive into the world of Re:Zero and the original story that the game presents. Players will have to make choices in the scenario of the game through swiping, different choices will lead players down a different path, changing the story they see.

The game will feature a theme song “Reloaded” performed by nonoc.

A teaser PV for the game was released during the live-stream.

Teaser PV

Pre-registration Campaign

As more players pre-register for the game, the rewards that players will receive when the game officially launches will become more and more lucrative. The pre-registration campaign is structured like a tree. As more players pre-register for the game, new milestones will be reached. A separate tree for Twitter followers will also reward players with more rewards. According to the pre-registration page, when the pre-registration campaign reaches certain milestones, new specials will be revealed.

Pre-Registration Rewards:

50,000: Gacha Ticket ((Total: 3)
100,000: Gacha Ticket ((Total: 5)
150,000: Gacha Ticket (Total: 10)
200,000: Gacha Ticket (Total: 10) & 3★ Rem

*3★ is the highest rarity drop from gacha

Twitter Follower Rewards:

50,000: Wallpaper, Icons, & Header (ヘッダー) Rewards Pt. 1
100,000: ???
150,000: ???

A Twitter live-stream impression campaign is also running on the game’s official Twitter account. From now until 24th May 23:59 JST, fan’s who share their thoughts on the live-stream on Twitter with the official hashtag (#リゼロス通信) will have a chance to win a Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World Memory Snow Limited Edition Blu-ray!

About the Game

Re:Zero Lost in Memories is a smartphone ADV/RPG, where players will play as the protagonist Subaru Natsuki and experience the story of the anime series. Players can make a different choice at “that time,” leading to a different “what-if” storyline. It also features a game’s original story, which is supervised by the original light novel’s writer Tappei Nagatsuki (長月達平).

Official Site

Official Twitter

Pre-registration Site

Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活 Lost in Memories Re:Zero Lost in Memories Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活 Lost in Memories SEGA Release Date: Summer 2020 Pre-register
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