[Qoo News] Create the Best Performance with 22/7! “22/7 Music Time” Officially Launches Today!


Aniplex today (27th May) officially launches the smartphone rhythm game “22/7 Music Time” (22/7 音楽の時間) for iOS and Android devices. A special live stream is also set to broadcast at 20:oo [JPT] today.


Opening Video

Game System

“22/7 Music Time” is a rhythm game based on the multimedia project developed by Yasushi Akimoto (the producer of AKB48), Aniplex, and Sony Music Records.

The game starts with the idol group, 22/7, transferring to the Rokubanchō High School (六番町學院) following the orders printed out by a mysterious entity known only as “The Wall”. Players will play as a new teacher of the school and become the instructor/ manager of 22/7. The main story is fully-voiced.



The song list includes the original songs from the franchise and their cover version of renowned pop songs. Previously announced playable cover songs include AKB48’s “Heavy Rotation”, LiSA’s “oath sign” and ClariS’ “Connect”.Players can select between a 3D mode and MV mode for the original songs.



Players can select the costume for your idols. Special conversations will also be initiated in different locations.




Game Launch and Pre-registration Rewards

To celebrate the game launch and pre-registration reaches 227,000, all players will be able to obtain a total of 6300 Rainbow Gem (equivalent to around 20 times gacha), and a stage costume for the playable song “Koi Suru Fortune Cookie” (恋するフォーチュンクッキー).


 Special Live Stream

The special live stream, “22/7 Livestream Time Vol.1 ~ Game Launch Emergency Broadcast” will air on 27th May 2020, at 20:00 [JPT]. The live stream will reveal the latest information about the game.

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